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  • One of the most fulfilling part of this great Northern Italy tour was its planning. Since the beginning, me and My Tours in Rome's guys work together on planning our trip to Italy. We are the typical people who love visiting monuments and Museums, so I asked them to focus much more on this great Northern Italy tour features. We loved this trip in Italy and we hope we would return again sometime in the future. There is so much left to see. Thanks a lot My Tours in Rome for your kindness and professionalism in organizing our great Northern Italy tour.
    Bob P. Lewitt, Chicago (IL)
  • We returned just a few days ago from the wonderful Amalfi Coast. The highly trained guides were relaxed and patient with us, while asking really a thousand questions and explanations. About History and Art, nobody beats them for sure. We never had any doubts about food, especially seafood (so tasting here), scialatielli pasta, anchovies, ice cream. And then in Naples, the true delicious pizza and unforgettable cakes and pastries. In addition, the Amalfi Coast gave us astonishing views, and .... Limoncello.   I enthusiastically agreed to write these few lines of testimony, even for gratitude to the My Tours in Rome staff who encouraged us, helped and planned this wonderful experience.
    Marco H. Moreno (Houston, TX)
  • We had great time during our Northern Italy bespoke vacation by My Tours in Rome.   We started searching for a tour operator which fulfill our needs appropriately and My Tours in Rome soon seemed the right one. Their Northern Italy Bespoke vacation was exactly what we wanted. One of the most fulfilling part of the trip was its planning. My Tours in Rome's guys put together all the destinations we wished to visit, plus some “hidden gems” (as they called them): many of them are UNESCO sites, and this lit our curiosity.   We loved this Northern Italy bespoke vacation, and we hope we would return in Italy again sometime in the future. There is so much left to see. Thanks a lot My Tours in Rome, for your kindness and professionalism.
    Franz Drexler (Hamburg, Germany)

Customized Vacations

Visit Italy with our exclusive Customized Tours, at the most affordable price.
Ask our dedicated team a personalized travel plan, including the most famous Cities and/or the lesser known routes. The destinations choice is yours in all Italian regions.

You can tour Italy at your pace, in your most convenient season, for the timespan you prefer.

We can offer tour plans to destinations like Venice, Sorrento, Sardinia, Sicily, Lake Como and Garda, Rome, Cinque Terre, Salento and Puglia, the Amalfi Coast, Florence. And so on.

Our professional multilingual guides will lead you to the most famous historic and religious sites, as well as to the most fashionable streets for the shopping.

”We threw the coin into the Trevi Fountain, because we absolutely want to return to Rome!”

Multi Center Tours

Visit more Italian destinations in one single Holiday
With a 2, 3 and 4+ center holidays (or even more, if time allows you) you could spend a few days exploring many extraordinary Italian sites.

Thanks to our multi center tours, you can visit a wide range of locations without the huge price tag.

Then, you might move to other destinations of your choice, where you can kick back, relax and experience the famous “Dolce Vita”.

Lose yourself in the green rolling hills of Tuscany, bathed in the orange glow of the setting sun, and sip a succulent limoncello while taking in the sapphire surf of the sea.

With a wide range of 2, 3 and 4+ centers breaks to choose from (fully customized or packaged), experiencing your holiday-of-a-lifetime couldn’t be easier.

”We visited Naples, Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan during our last fifteen days holiday in Italy. It was very easy to book with My Tours in Rome.”

Gourmet Tours

Learn how to cook some true Italian recipes. Recognize the best ingredients. In Italy.
Book our Gourmet Tours and discover the true meaning of “la dolce vita”.

Taste the true Italian food in Italy and learn how to cook it with original recipes.

Bearing in mind that every Italian Region has its own cuisine, you can pick your preferred destination from a wide range of culinary getaways.

More: you’ll learn wine tasting techniques in cellars during a wine tasting session.

You’ll attend cooking classes (with true professional chefs), to prepare some typical Italian recipes.

But before, you’ll visit a local food market to recognize the right and fresh ingredients to use.

You’ll speak to olive oil producers and look at the production techniques that make Italy the largest olive oli producer in the world.

Enjoy your exclusive food itinerary that definitely tickle your senses.

”The Parmigiano Reggiano cheese producer warehouse was really vast and impressive. One cannot even imagine such a reality. Our guide mentioned the commercial value deployed there: absolutely amazing!”

Winter Sports Vacations

The right mix of sports, relax, culinary experience to recharge your batteries.
Choose from a wide range of V.I.P. Italian Alpine destinations where to spend your winter holidays.

Follow your passion for downhill skiing, incredible snowboarding evolution, breathtaking views of the fabulous Italian mountain landscapes, from thick forests and Alpine lakes, to small mountain villages rich in traditions.

Enjoy flawless hotel accommodations, unforgettable delicatessen and rejuvenating treatments at the best spas.

My Tours in Rome offers specific packages dedicated to the snow during the whole ski sport season, for yourself and for your family.

”In Madonna di Campiglio, we learned how to go snowboarding. It was quite tough at the beginning. But the excellent spa treatments reset us every day.”

Local Tours, Attractions, Things To Do

Experience the authentic flavor of Italy.
Our dedicated team travels constantly around Italy to spot real opportunities to enhance your travelling experience with the best things to do everywhere in Italy.

From Venice to Rome, from Apulia to Florence, from Sicily to Milan, our offer ranges from the most traditional tours, to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Our dream is to build your holiday like a tailor-made suit.

It has to fit well to you because we put at your disposal our extensive knowledge of Italy, and plan the journey according to your needs.

That’s the secret of our success: you are at the center of your own tour plan.

“I visited a true Italian winemaker in the Chianti countryside.
I didn’t expect how much passion a producer puts in this job.”

Dream Wedding and Honeymoon

The most romantic destinations are in Italy. Let alone the so many fascinating venues!
When it comes to live the wedding of your dreams, Italy truly captivates both your heart and imagination.

Just think of how many romantic destinations in Italy are there: Rome, Florence, Venice, the Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Apulia, the Cinque Terre, Lake Como, just to name a few.

In each of these destinations, there are so many iconic venues to choose from: Cathedrals, Churches, Castles, ancient noble Palaces, historic Galleries, exclusive resorts.

Not to mention the food: our menus offers the best range of the Italian recipes.

And you can make your dreams come true, with our expertise in consulting and organizing full turnkey wedding ceremonies, in the most romantic Italian locations.

”The best part of our wedding in Alberobello, Apulia, was the joy of the locals during the ceremony. Even if it was the first time we met.”

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